DRMM Recommends

Periodically this section will be updated with recommendations, based on my experiences in the modeling hobby.

  • AFV Modeller Magazine - In my opinion, the finest periodical for armor model building on the market. The finished works displayed here are truly awe inspiring, and the physical quality of the magazine itself is unsurpassed. www.afvmodeller.com
  • Alpine Miniatures - By far my favorite maker of figures, especially 1/35 scale. The sculptors are some of the best, and the resin product is always crisp and clean. I'm always excited to paint one of these true works of art. www.alpineminiatures.com
  • Atlanta Figure Show - Typically held late February each year in Atlanta, GA, this has been my favorite show to attend. Friendly modelers, extremely high quality work on display, fantastic vendor area. A great show.
  • Fruil Tracks - Yes, they tend to be expensive and a bit tedious, but if you are building a show model, well worth the expense. Once they are complete and on the tank, the sag is ultra-realistic, and they just give the model a weight that makes it seem even more realistic - well worth the price and the effort.
  • Iwata Airbrushes - For the money, I have yet to find an airbrush with this quality and precision. www.iwata-medea.com
  • Last Cavalry - Superb selection of figures and kits. Superb customer service. www.lastcavalry.com
  • Sprue Brothers - Great prices, outstanding selection, and packages usually arrive at my door in two days. Best online ordering experience I have ever had. www.spruebrothers.com
  • Tamiya Char B1 bis - About the most fun I've ever had building a Tamiya kit. Much like the KV-1 from Trumpeter, it fell together. The tracks that came with the kit are impressive, a really fine kit.
  • Trumpeter KV-1 Kits - I have built one of these, and it may have been the most fun I've ever had building a kit. It fell together out of the box, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.
  • Tulsa Figure Show - First time was 2011, will be going back as long as I can. Not only is the quality on the table oustanding, but great vendors and unreal hospitality. One of my favorites! www.hmsneo.org
  • Vallejo Acrylics - Whether painting figures or painting fine details on models, there is no better brush paint on the market (in my opinion) than Vallejo. Easy to use, easy cleanup, rarely a brush stroke. www.acrylicosvallejo.com