Tuesday, November 1, 2011

T-34/76 No.112 Factory by Gary Boggs - Part 1

T-34/76 No.112 Factory "Krasnoe Sormovo" Late Production built by Gary Boggs, using the outstanding book "T-34 Mythical Weapon" by Robert Michulec and Miroslaw Zientarzewski as reference.

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The completed model above. The tarp resting on the toolbox was created using Magic Sculpt. Various weld beads were scratch built using styrene, Tamiya cement, and an X-Acto blade.

The painting and weathering process documented below began with a coat of Tamiya Nato Green, then lightened with a second coat that included Tamiya Yellow Green.

A bed roll made of tissue paper was added, along with cleat straps crafted from the tin tops of cat food containers. The model was given a good flat coat before the weathering started.

Chipping was done using Vallejo acrylics.

The tank was weathered in stages with various combinations of Windsor & Newton oils, MIG oils, and MIG pigments.

The completed model...

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  1. Knocked it out of the park Gary, especially on the weathering. May have to enlist your services on a T-34 for my display case!