Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scale 75 Lt. Dick Winters - Part 1

Read Part II Here

Part 1 of the excellent Scale 75 Lt. Winters kit. The kit is cast in white metal and is sculpted by Fernando Martin. Box art is outstanding and is the work of Samuel Perez.

At this point I have assembled the kit using 5 minute epoxy and have attached it to an African Rosewood base by Ken Thomas Art Bases. I have begun the Vallejo base painting and outlining process on the body, but have yet to start painting the head and face. More to come as progress is made!

See more on this exceptional kit at Scale 75.

Read Part II Here

1 comment:

  1. Oh Buddy, you got him goin, good deal. Looks really good so far Kyle. I've got this one with another AB fig to use on a 1/25th Panther, should be interesting. Keep er rollin Bro, I'm in for this one!

    Cheers, Ski.
    Steven Zuleski